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29 марта 2019

To celebrate Astronauts' Day we are hosting a kids’ workshop ( 7+)


We are very honored to welcome our speaker David Mitchell,
a NASA award-winning author who has published numerous articles and textbook chapters on the Internet, space, virtual reality and telepresence.

David is a past member of the Citizens Advisory Council on National Space Policy with a lifetime of experience in private space development, emergency preparedness, advanced wireless communications systems and video surveillance technology.

In Laguna Beach, David has been a past chairman of the City's Technology & Communications Committee and a past tech-talk show host on Laguna's FM radio station.

In Hollywood, David consults pro-bono as part of The Science & Entertainment Exchange of the National Academy of Sciences. His work includes advisory roles in NBC's “Shades of Blue” TV series, the upcoming remake of “The Magic School Bus” (Episode on the Internet) and assistance to screenwriters and directors.

He is currently president of Geneaire, a bio-tech company providing products based on cutting-edge genomics research results from UCI and private companies.

The event is free( donations appreciated! )

Call us or text here for registration
Seats are limited!

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