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Our policy

Vunder Kid is known for its individual approach to the needs of all children and their parents, as well as a warm, friendly atmosphere of live communication. We can't possible imagine "Vunder Kid" without the laughter and giggles, plays and games between children of all ages. In a way, we consider ourselves as one friendly neighborhood, where children play and meet new friends, and their parents rest, help and support each other. 

To order to maintain this atmosphere of warm communication, we have designed and implemented a set of rules for everyone at Vunder Kid. 

YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME: to give your smile, to share your good mood and kind words with others. We do believe that kindness pays off! We are following this principle in everything we do and teach our children to do the same.

DURING CLASSES: Our teachers are fully invested into the teaching process, they carefully take into consideration the needs of each and every child. Which is why you are always welcome to share your thoughts, ask us questions or make suggestions to help us make the learning process even better! Our teachers love to get feedback from parents!

DURING BREAKS: We are happy to see our children interract with each other in Russian by means of games and plays. Socialization between kids is equally important to us. Which is why we ask everyone at Vunder Kid "to treat others as you want to be treated".

Everyone at Vunder Kid MUST:

  • walk softly around younger kids
  • never engage into agressive games
  • allow aduts to interfere when games become too rough
  • never insult, call each other names, bully or hurt each other in any other way
  • never leave children under 2 unattended
  • supervise children at play
  • treat furniture, toys and learning materials with care
  • treat everyone who works at Vunder Kid with kindness and respect
  • share your kindness with everyone at all times!

We thank everyone who helps us make Vunder Kid a safe place for our kids!

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