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  • 1. What does your center do?

    We offer supplemental educational programs in the Russian language for children 1.5 years old and up. Our exclusive, meticulously designed programs are available for each age and level including adults. 

  • 2. How long have you been operating?

    We opened our doors in April 2014.

  • 3. How are you different from other learning/tutoring centers?
    1. We carefully select the highest qualified teaching professionals to work with.

    All teachers are graduates of colleges and universities with degrees appropriate to the class they teach and many years of experience in Russia and abroad. All our teachers have background checks and constantly improve their qualifications through workshops and seminars. Most importantly, all our teachers love children with all their hearts!


          2. We guarantee the result. 

    We have designed and implemented the system, specifically for kids learning Russian abroad and with their needs and interests in mind. Our kids learn without cramming or boring memorization. At Vunder Kid, kids indeed read, write, speak and understand Russian!


         3. We are proud of our friendly atmosphere and "family" style learning.

    Vunder Kid is known for its warm, cozy atmosphere where everyone is always welcome. In a way, we consider ourselves as one big neighborhood where children learn, communicate, meet new friends, while their parents rest, help and support each other.


         4. Convenient Schedule.

    We have designed a schedule in such a way that children have a chance to attend both academic and creative classes on the same day. Our schedule also allows siblings to attend classes at the same time which is convenient and time efficient for parents.  


        5. We regularly organize and host events, holidays, festivals, meetups and field trips.

    Communication outside of school is equally important to us. We are one big family!

  • 4. What teaching programs do you use?

    We use a variety of teaching programs that have proven to be most effective in Russia as well as abroad. We teach reading by O.Zhukova, E.Kosinova, Zaitsev. We teach Russian by T.Ramzaeva, N.Vlasova, O.Kogan. We teach math by Peterson, Morro, and Kats. All classes are geared to the level of the children, each teacher uses an individual approach to each student and offers level-appropriate worksheets. 

  • 5. Do you have trial classes?

    Yes we do! We strongly suggest you try our trial classes to find the most suitable program for your child's needs before signing up. 

  • 6. What is your fee schedule?

    Out tuition is based on semester pay. You prepay the whole semester at once or sign up for monthly autopay payments. 

  • 7. What do classes include?

    Each class lasts for 50 minutes with a 10 minute break to follow. During the break children can move around, play, have a snack and talk with their friends in Russian! Some classes are academically set (tables and chairs), some are designed for moving around (dance, theater, etc), classes for the youngest vunder kids are set on the carpet. 

  • 8. Are kids tired after 3 hours of classes?

    Children, attending Vunder Kid, even the youngest ones, never get tired or lose interest due to the meticulously designed dynamic structure of each class (rotation of several learning stations) and exceptional professionalism of our competent teaching staff who can keep the children's attention span for the whole duration of the class. 

  • 9. How many kids are there in each class?

    The number of kids in each class depends on the class and the age category. Classes for the youngest vunder kids do not exceed 6 children, classes for kids 5 to 8 years old -not more than 8, creative classes (art, music, theater, singing, cooking) - not more than 10.

  • 10. Can parents be present during classes?

    Parents must be present with children under 2 in all classes. Parents may attend all trial classes. In all other cases (excluding situations where a child requires the presence of a parent to adapt to new surroundings) parents are welcome to wait in our lobby where coffee, tea, snacks, and magazines are provided. 

  • 11. How many times a week should you attend classes to achieve results?

    Attending our classes twice a week will produce faster results since your child will have plenty of time to comprehend the content and perfect it during the week. We have proven it to be very effective to combine academic classes with creative ones to increase the motivation of the child to learn Russian. We have an implemented system of homework emailed to you daily that facilitates learning in the most practical way.

  • 12. My child can't read, what is he going to do in a setting where other kids can read?

    We always try our best to combine kids with the same level of language mastery. However, if we observe that a particular class is not a good fit for your child, we will do our best and transfer him/her to an appropriate level class. Practice proves that lower level children are doing much better in a setting with higher level children, and combined with an individual approach are catching up quite fast.

  • 13. My child can understand Russian but can't speak it. What can you offer?

    We have programs for children with all levels of understanding, reading, writing or speaking Russian, including the very basics. We will be happy to test your child and suggest the best class for his/her needs. 

  • 14. Do you have breaks?

    Vunder Kid is open all year round. We do have short breaks at the end of each semester.

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